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Review Left On 02/26/2020
Kay Rosen

The Lopez Firm is the best for a smooth divorce and child custody. My divorce went smoothly and my children are in my sole custody.
Review Left On 02/24/2020
Lynn Moran

Very attentive staff! Lawyer Lopez is always so full of knowledge, insight and always ready to help.
Review Left On 02/20/2020
Henry Thrasher

I highly recommend Jesus Lopez. He has good experience and takes care of all cases like they were his own. Very reliable and efficient.
Review Left On 12/26/2019
Dottie Kays

Lopez is a great person he helped me in court well with my daughter and other things I have a wasted a lot of money on other lawyers and did not help me until I met Lopez and his assistant Tammy they have assisted me a lot and a lot of short time I recommend going to them and for me they will be my lawyers forever. He will give you a free consultation over the phone so why not.
Review Left On 12/26/2019
Michael lMill

I contacted Mr. Andrew he help me with child custody battle, from the beginning to the end he was always available to answer my questions and help me understand the information I was receiving from the judge most of the time was against me, don't go alone, I am very happy get results, you got me what I want it easily grateful forever. He even gave me a free consultation to start things off. Make the call sooner than later! Worth piece of mind
Review Left On 12/26/2019
Albert Draper

I was looking for a family law attorney was having trouble because I had a court date of about 2 1/2 weeks away. I found Mr. Lopez with a free consultation made an appointment on Thursday and had him hired the next Monday. My case involved my ex wanting to take my girls out of the country into Mexico. Mr. Lopez and his team looked into all the violence in Mexico and found about 3 or 4 articles regarding how dangerous it is in Michoacán Mexico within the past several months. He discussed the case with my ex's attorney and case was resolved. My girls will not be traveling to Mexico anytime soon thanks to Mr Lopez. Did a very good job with the little time he had to prepare.
Review Left On 11/26/2019
Nellie Green

Mr. Lopez is an excellent lawyer who always fights for his clients’ best interests.
Review Left On 11/26/2019
Adrienne Williams

I worked with Tammy and Bernie for years and they are both excellent attorneys. Highly recommended.
Review Left On 11/26/2019
Wesly Rise

Best lawyer in town. Thank you so much Mr. Lopez for your effort , dedication, knowledge and commitment. God Bless you!!
Review Left On 09/26/2019
Lanelle Henning

Ok. We admit it. We picked Jesus Lopez out of several attorneys listed on google. We knew nothing about him and knew no one in town to get a recommendation from. Probably not the best way to choose legal representation.

However we got VERY lucky! Lopez was great! He was very sympathetic and supportive, walking us through every step of our case. Giving advice but never making us feel beneath him as so many lawyers love to do.
Review Left On 08/26/2019
Teresa Carter

Jesus Lopez is amazing!!! If you are in the unfortunate predicament where you need a lawyer to represent you in family law look no further. His prices are very reasonable and he really knows family law very well. Lopez helped me gain full custody of my daughter after my ex had continually put our child in a unsafe environment. Lopez is very professional and accommodating. I did not contact Lopez till a week before my court date and he still made time for me, set up a case and answered all of my questions. As this was a very stressful situation he was a very calming presence for me. he really put my mind at ease helping me understand everything and giving me advice when I needed it. I can not recommend him enough he is great!! Thanks Lopez!!!
Review Left On 08/26/2019
Ron Fowler

Lopez is a great attorney i would totally recommend him to friends and family. Lopez has done a great Job representing my divorce/child custody case. I entrusted in Lopez fully he has gone above and beyond to help provide excellent service!! Lopez is a good quality attorney I would continue to use his services if needed . thank you lopez for all your help and services your help has been much appreciated.
Review Left On 08/26/2019
Michael Terry

More than an attorney, Lopez is the friend that you would need. Divorces are never easy. One might be the smartest person, but during the stress of Divorce, you need somebody with lots of experience and calm composure who can understand what you are going through. That is Mr Lopez. He can fill in the blanks of your stammering situation so well that you really come out confident that you are in safe hands. You can cope up with the situations more confidently, if you understand them. Lopez has been so reachable at any time, which is the most important highlight of my case. I wish him all the luck and stand as a strong reference.
Review Left On 08/26/2019
Ron McNeil

I found Lopez via google and contacted his office for the divorce proceedings I was going through. My partner and I decided to end our domestic partnership after 13 years. Originally, we were going to do this by ourselves but in typical divorce situations, things turned south. Because we were in a domestic partnership, I wasn't sure how to proceed and why I needed the legal help. I met Lopez originally just to talk and discuss options. he was very professional and offered some sound advice. It did not take long for me to decide to have him represent me. He is an amazing attorney and has a strong grasp of Texas law. I cannot endorse him enough! This was one of the best decisions I have made. he has always been professional, courtesy, and more importantly, fast and efficient! We conducted a lot of our business through email which was very helpful to me because of my travel and work schedule. he fought for me on every aspect and in the end, I have been more than pleased with how things worked out. You cannot go wrong with him!
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Carol Daniels

They handle EVERYTHING for me. I didn't have to talk to my abuse ex or try to get him to help me through the process, they really took care of me and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I am officially divorced today after contacting them a month ago !! I am so grateful !!!

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