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Skillern Firm | Sugar Land Divorce Lawyer
Skillern Firm | Sugar Land Divorce Lawyer Reviews

Review: Matt Skillern and his team helped me gain primary custody of my 12-month daughter through incredible effort, sharp legal knowledge and skill, and compassion for justice. In the beginning I felt lost, betrayed, and scared. I didn’t know who I could trust but when I met Matt, I knew I wanted him to represent me because he is honest and sincere. He truly cares about you and your family. He has the vision the see the bigger picture and prepares you for realistic outcomes. Inside the courtroom Matt i... Read More

Loucks & Drew Attorneys
Loucks & Drew Attorneys Reviews

Review: Great attorney! Great staff! Read More

Hembree Bell Law Firm, PLLC
Hembree Bell Law Firm, PLLC Reviews

Review: There’s an old saying I always like to use when it come to my daughter, “You can’t change the world by doing extraordinary things. You can only change the world by doing the ordinary things in extraordinary ways.” That sums up Hannah perfectly. She does extraordinary work. Thanks for having my back when I needed you! Read More

Lopez Group Inc Divorce Attorneys
Lopez Group Inc Divorce Attorneys Reviews

Review: Very attentive staff! Lawyer Lopez is always so full of knowledge, insight and always ready to help. Read More

Affordable Divorce Attorney JRL
Affordable Divorce Attorney JRL Reviews

Review: I walked into Affordable Divorce Attorney JRL, and I’m happy I did. Jesus was with me every step of my divorce. Thank you Jesus. I’ll recommend to anyone indeed of a divorce lawyer. P.S: He is really affordable too. Read More

Mowery Law Firm
Mowery Law Firm Reviews

Review: Howard was amazing when assisting me with getting custody of my son. I highly recommend him to anyone in regards to custody matters. Read More

Chris Harding
Chris Harding Reviews

Review: Mr Harding is a very honest and upfront attorney. I think he uses his time very effectively and is able to get results. Our case was a long shot and didn't involve enough damages for him to make it worth while. However, once he had uncovered every stone, he gave us a full refund of all our contingency deposit. I would have been satisfied with half that. Chris is very communicative and tells you all the pros and cons of every option. Would highly recommend!! Read More

Law Office of Daniel E. McCarty, Jr.
Law Office of Daniel E. McCarty, Jr. Reviews

Review: Estate planning can be a challenging process, but Mr. McCarty patiently guided us step by step so nothing would be overlooked. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us by answering all our questions. We are very satisfied with our experience and we will highly recommend his services. Read More

Nelson Law Group PC
Nelson Law Group PC Reviews

Review: Brett Nelson is hands down the best attorney I have ever had. This is not me just saying this, due to the outcome in my sons case. I am not the easiest client to please or one that typically writes reviews, unless it is truly worthy of one.

It means a lot to me and my family, that Brett truly cares about his clients needs before his own. He is very personable and treats his clients like family. This goes a long way.

I have hired several attorneys before Brett for a highly contest... Read More

Law Office of Crystal L. Gayden
Law Office of Crystal L. Gayden Reviews

Review: My husband and I was lucky enough to have Attorney Gayden represent us as the defendants of a $1M dollar civil lawsuit. She accepted our case at the very last minute after our previous attorney that specialized in business law became overwhelmed and withdrew from the case. Although Ms Gayden specializes in Family, Divorce and Criminal Law, I personally think she should add business law to her expertise list because she was simply amazing before, during and after our jury trial. She successf... Read More

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