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Review: Great service Read More

Steve Efthimiou Law Office
Steve Efthimiou Law Office Reviews

Review: Mr. Steve helped me with my divorce 10 yrs ago and he made it so easy and very reasonable pricing...he was always on time and always called back... I highly recommend him.
He also helped me with a collection case involving a car...he was excellent and was very patient with me...he did the job perfectly...always on time. He is a very professional and kind and fair lawyer his pricing was very reasonable. Thank you Mr. Steve for helping and for everything you did for me I truly appreciate it . A... Read More

Villarreal & Romero Pllc
Villarreal & Romero Pllc Reviews

Review: Eduardo Romero did the absolute least he could for my custody case. All I asked if he couldn't get me custody is more time with my son. After a year since my court date, reading and rereading my custody paperwork, it's easy to see were he could have done more for the 2k I gave him. They call it being ushered through the system and that is exactly what he did. WALKED ME INTO THE GALLOWS. In his office, he talked about the plan of attack and when we got to the court house, he folded. I GOT THE SA... Read More

Kelly William J
Kelly William J Reviews

Review: As far as a mediator is concerned, Mr. Kelly was biased in his opinion and lacked knowledge in family law as far as our probate was concerned. When questioned on what laws the other party was citing, he admitted he didn't ask - meaning he just took the other lawyer at his word and tried to make it appear as if we had a weak case. It was a waste of time and money and I am sad to say that I knew that going in but I still made an attempt to keep an open mind. He gets one star for for the poor attem... Read More

Rank Jeff
Rank Jeff Reviews

Review: Thank you for everything! Glad I was able to find a good trustworthy lawyer. I have used Rank Law Firm more than once and it was a great experience every time! Thank you!! Read More

Attorney at Law, Nicholas A. Davis
Attorney at Law, Nicholas A. Davis Reviews

Review: He is the best.most honest attorney so happy with him thankful please use him he will be on your side always Read More

PC, The Law Office of Andrew W. Loveall
PC, The Law Office of Andrew W. Loveall Reviews

Review: Andrew did a great job , I would highly recommend him, fair and professional. Read More

Alberto Garcia Law Office
Alberto Garcia Law Office Reviews

Review: Charges Consultation fee. We were pleased with the consultation which continued our services with them. During the consultation Mr. Alberto Garcia stated my case would take at the most 3 months. Services started in April and ended in November which took a total of 7 months. His secretary Laura was horrible! She was inexperienced in our type of case which lead to the long process altogether. Mr. Garcia seemed to always be out of the office, busy, on vacation, excuse after excuse (according to his... Read More

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