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Review Left On 06/26/2019
Verna Anderson

I contacted Mr. Lopez on a Sunday afternoon seeking advice on getting a divorce and he called me back that same evening. He listened to my situation and charted the best course of action that allowed me to reach my goals in the most efficient and timely way possible. He met with me on Monday to draw up the papers, and my legal separation papers were filed on Tuesday. It was the best possible outcome for a very bad situation and I'm glad I had Mr. Lopez' advice and counsel. He helped me greatly and made what could have been a long and difficult process much easier. I hope to never be in this situation again, but if I were, I wouldn't hesitate to call Mr. Lopez for assistance!
Review Left On 06/26/2019
Tiffany Hill

Mr. Lopez represented me in an uncontested divorce. Despite an overall agreement, my ex and I disagreed on certain financial aspects. Mr. Lopez quickly understood the situation and helped me to find a compromise which was acceptable to my ex and was the best option for me in the long run. I have three children, and I felt that Mr. Lopez acted in their best interests too.
Mr. Lopez drafted all divorce documents, and then we went through them together, making sure that my conditions are described as precisely as possible and all of my statements have no double meaning.
Review Left On 06/26/2019
Ellen Baxter

Jesse was a great lawyer who has helped me with my case. He always was professional and did not hesitate to help. I was glad to have him help me as it made things easier to process. I have consulted other lawyers but they all charged higher prices to help, Jesse however has reasonable and accesible rate. He always kept me informed of the state of things and how to process the case. He is an honest and reliable person and I would recommend him to those who are seeking help.
Review Left On 06/26/2019
Joe Sievert

That was the best decision to use the Lopez Law Office service to help with Uncontested Divorce! It was so stressful for me even think about all the paperwork and decisions that had to be made on time! And now everything is finalized and I even never went to the court. I'm very thankful to J.R Lopez to reduce stress of this hard process to the minimum - easy and fast communication, clear professional advises, quick paperwork preparation - everything was taken care of the best way!
Review Left On 06/26/2019
Fredrick Stevens

If you are looking for a great attorney, look no further! I had zero hope for my case. Lopez provided not only guidance through it all, but a shoulder to "cry on" through it all. He returned all my emails and calls in a timely manor and was very through.

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