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Law Offices of Jerry Guerra P.C.

Attorney in Corpus Christi, TX
Reviews: 6 | Overal Rating: Average


Review Left On 02/25/2020
Alexis Jentry Pierce

Truely an amazing attorney! He knows his information and so does his staff!! Awesome staff! Helpful and listens. Definitely reccomend for legal needs!!
Review Left On 02/25/2020

He was the best lawyer I ever had. He listened to me and actually KNEW my case. He is a very smart man. I am so blessed to have had him as my lawyer.
Review Left On 02/25/2020
Amanda Puente

Jerry is willing to do what ever it takes to rip fathers from their children. Even lies and file faulse documents. (You know i now have the proof finally) No remorse and truely a person with zero morals. I just wanted to be a dad and he feels im the worst human to walk the earth. -Lupe Mtz
Review Left On 10/25/2019
Debra Ann Maciel Esquibel

An amazing attorney!!!! Mr Guerra is very knowledgeable and understanding. He has always given 110% to his employees and of course all his clients. ( if you ever have a position available. I’m a call away) Thank you sir for all the experience and knowledge that u have shared with me. Furthermore, Family Law is my passion . Thank you !!!! You will always be the best employer I have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Guerra has always been a very positive individual that strives to help each an everyone of his client. I will always recommend Jerry Guerra to my family, my friend’s and individual a who need an attorney
Review Left On 09/25/2019
Rachel AC

Absolutely the worst attorney around! Does not return phone calls, does not complete cases, allows for cases to drag out for years without closing or completing the documentation needed. Jerry, I personally hope that when your parents pass away...that you don't have Estate issues that go unresolved for years on end. What your doing (by not doing anything) is the lowest of the low.
Review Left On 07/25/2019
James Gilson

Met with him. Agreed to hire him. Called and left SEVEN messages over the course of the next three weeks with ZERO returned calls. Called one more time and stated to the receptionist it was my last attempt... that was 3-4 weeks ago with no contact.

I can not recommend this lawyer.

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