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Review Left On 02/26/2020
Dustin Beach

Keith Could is the worst lawyer I v ever encountered... No communication or follow through just one excuse after another since 2016. 2/27/20 will be 4 years since he was payed... Where is my final order Keith
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Tim Tedesco

After contacting at least 7 lawyers, the answers varied to "pay initial 350$ for consultation", or "we dont handle those", or contact family law not real estate lawyer". But after talking briefly to The Gould Law Firm, he quickly explained I didn't need a lawyer, only a title company to prepare a "quit claim". Life happens, and if I ever need a lawyer I will remember this kindness.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Ryan Szep

Where to begin?! Had me pay $2000 up front just for him to go to court and come back and basically say “that’s the way it is”. Fails to return phone calls/messages. Claims he’s in court or busy and tells you if you want talk to him you have to make an appointment, even if it is a phone call.

Had another court date come and go with no response from Mr. Gould or his law firm, God only knows if he was present for that hearing.

Unprofessional, only cares about making a quick buck. For all the “work” he has done for my family; I could have easily represented myself with the same results maybe even better, and saved $2000.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Mary Garcia

They let my brother d...!!!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Cindy Gallegos

Had I not been pressed for time in finding an attorney for my divorce especially since I do not live in Texas I would of NEVER of hired Keith Gould as my Attorney. This entire ordeal was a nightmare, completely unprofessional and frustrating to say the least. I do not even want to give one star as a rating.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Olivia Beavers

I want to thank Keith Gould for defending my family. He was very confident through out my experience & he has every reason to be. I’m proud of myself for choosing such an amazing lawyer. Not only will I recommend Keith to family & friends who may need him, but if I ever need a lawyer again I know who I’m calling! Thank you so much Keith!
Review Left On 02/23/2020
Wesley Shon Johnson

Keith Gould was very professional and helped me with a particularly difficult child support case. I found him to be thorough, willing to fight for me, and a good communicator through a long process and would recommend him to anyone.
Review Left On 02/20/2020
Pedro Cavazos

Had a legal matter and Keith got my case dismissed ! Always professional and his assistant Ozzie always kept me in the loop throughout the entire process . Always went the extra mile to make sure I was informed . I highly recommended Keith and Ozzie ! Great team at the Gould law firm !
Review Left On 11/26/2019
Jessica Amador

I’m so dissatisfied!!!! I do not recommend Keith Gould!!! John Flint on the other hand was awesome and would definitely recommend! With 5 stars
Review Left On 07/26/2019
David Evans

Very very best out come in my case!!
Review Left On 07/26/2019
arena reno

Have used this law firm several times, will definitely use them again if there is a future need. Extremely professional staff!!
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Jack Solovey

Keith Gould handled my issue with outstanding professionalism. I was very pleased with the outcome. Keith's personal care made the process more pleasant than I expected. I have recommended Keith as a result, which I am hopeful and certain will end with another happy client. I have confidence in Keith Gould.
Review Left On 07/26/2019
lisa macdonald

I have known Keith Gould for 11 years and he has always provided sound advise spanning many areas of law. His firm is courteous and professional and he really cares about his clients. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Kaitland MacDonald

Extremely professional and helpful with everything I needed. Fantastic staff that’s always cheerful! Definitely going back for any future needs.
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Krista Welsh

Greatest attorney ever
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Lauren Alexander

Mr. Gould and his assistant Ozzie were a great help during my car accident. They helped me every step of the way. I would highly recommend The Gould Law Firm to all my friends and family!!
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Stella Martinez

Mr. Keith Gould and his staff are understanding, patient and kind. Their extensive knowledge of the law helped me and my family! I highly recommend The GOULD Law Firm.
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Rebecca Ahumada

Excellent attorney & staff! Answers phone calls at all hours of the night and assisted with an emergency. Great service!
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Stalin N

I highly recommend The Gould Law Firm for your legal needs. He is an outstanding attorney and gets the job done! Thank you Mr. Gould!
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Jeffrey Blanchard, REALTOR

Keith Gould is a great family law attorney. If you need any civil or criminal matters that need legal representation, the Gould Law Firm is the place to go. Highly recommend.
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Cynthia Perez

My name is Cynthia, and my family recently hired the Gould Law firm to assist us on serious allegation. Mr. Gould & his assistant, Ozzie Ahumada, have been extremely helpful. Ozzie gave us his personal cell phone and he has been there every step of the way helping get my family member out of jail. I would highly recommend the Mr. Gould and his staff for all your legal needs!!!
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Kristine Trejo

I highly recommend Mr. Gould for any type of contested family law case. Mr. Gould handled a contested modification hearing for my family and I and not only did we get a favorable verdict, but the case was resolved at the first setting. We are extremely happy with his service and professionalism.
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Victoria Molina

A big Thank You to Keith Gould and his office. Not only did Cindy always call me back and answer any questions I might have but, they made sure I was comfortable and for that I put my trust in them. Thank you to The Gould Law Firm for all your work.
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Priscilla Alvarez

We have used The Gould Law firm several times and have always been very satisfied. Their attention to detail is outstanding. The staff is always willing to assist you with getting your questions answered in a timely manner.
We recommend Keith and his staff to anyone needing by a family attorney.
Review Left On 06/26/2019
Jerry Swoboda

Never use this guy. He took $5000.00 never returned. He did not not do anything in my case. We filed a complaint with Texas State Bar. DO NOT USE OR TRUST THIS GUY!!
Review Left On 03/26/2019
Mark Beverly Super Bigfish88

Great group of professionals. Keith is a awesome person and lawyer. Easy to talk to he takes the time to listen to his clients needs.
Review Left On 02/26/2018
Chris Parker

Keith has helped me and my family on numerous cases with great results. We greatly appreciate everthing you've done for us!
Review Left On 02/26/2018
isaiah joubert

He said we had a "righteous" case & he would not be on on fathers side just because he was military, but he did just that (my own atty). The opposing atty is one of the worse in town, and he couldn't fight for us.

Worse $2,000 I ever spent. Obvious assets ignored & even lowered the child support amount for a disabled child with no immediate arrearage to be given despite savings. No, I would not sign & I never agreed to mediation or terms. Was also not notified of mediation until an hour before it started after working 4 12hr shifts. These are facts not fantasy! The worse experience with an attorney I have ever had!!!
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Daxton Krugman

Great Service!
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Eric Doyle

"I am from Louisiana, and I found myself in some legal trouble in Nueces county. My family initially hired another lawyer who did not do much for me. After two months of little to no activity from.My first lawyer, we hired the Gould Law firm. Mr. Gould and his assistant,  Ozzie, did more for me in one week than the first attorney did in two months. They got my case DISMISSED before it went to the grand jury!!!! Ozzie was in constant communication with me and my father. We had access to a Gould law firm representative 24hrs a day. We were extremely satisfied with their services and with Keith & Ozzie's professionalism.  We would highly recommend anyone to hire this firm for any legal matters."
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Angela N

Ozzie is the rudest person i have ever spoke to about legal advice. I do not reccomend speaking with him at all. Big thumbs down!
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Ryan Reneau

Very professional and staff was understanding and easy to work with. When it comes to your family, Keith is definitely who you need working for you!
Review Left On 02/26/2017
A. Coberley

As a former employee I can only say great things about Mr. Gould and his employees. They are all very knowledgeable and caring people and it was a great pleasure to work with and to learn from them. I can attest to the attention that each client receives and the hard work that goes into making sure their cases are resolved as quickly and smoothly as possible.
I was also a client with a sensitive family matter, and it was handled discreetly and swiftly. I can not thank The Gould Law Firm enough for their guidance and support.
Review Left On 02/26/2017
David Hall

I have used Gould Law Firm for several issues. They are professional and responsive to your needs. Keith Gould is the best litigator I have seen in a variety of cases. His skill in family law are unmatched.

There is no other lawyer I would use in South Central Texas.
Review Left On 02/26/2017
M&B Trueba

I highly recommend him. I went over a year without seeing my daughter, until I hired him.
It was all done so professionally and rapidly.

I have used him twice already and have been impressed both times
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Black T

I had a wonderful experience.
We have used him twice for the same style of case.
He was not only very passionate about our case, his staff was equally the same.
It was a family matter in Brazoria County.
We of course we're a wreck during the first case which was a motion to enforce and he was there listening and tending to our needs.
This next case that was just recently resolved was a modification to reduce child support, we tried going thru the AG and had waited over a year and still no setting so we hired him again.
You get prompt and a very diligent attorney with the Gould Law Firm, I can't thank him enough for standing by us and taking our case by the horns!
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Austin Vibe

As one of their previous clients, I could not be happier. A professional law firm with experienced lawyers and staff that met my legal needs and I would recommend them to anyone that needs legal help.
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Lori Varin

This firm was a big help to me and my family. Things took place very quickly and we saw great results. I expecially want to thank Cindy ( Mr Goulds Para legal). She was a great wealth of knowledge and always available for me.
I would highly recommend this firm
Lori Varin
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Tina Skwarczynski

Was on the phone with one of the guys and was telling him my issue and trying to resolve it and he called it complaining and said that this was a law firm not the complaint line and that i just wanted someone to complain at. I was considering hiring them to represent me but if that's the kind of people they have working there I'm surprised that they're still even in business if it was me I would cancel the firm all together because they obviously have some rude people working there who don't care about other people
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Quincy Squid

I utilized this Law Firm to help with my custody case against my ex-wife. I have been fighting for my children for many years due the environment they were in with their mother. He won the case for me. Now we are working on the child support issue. I am optimistic.
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Annalee McClelland

I called today. Overstressed with the papers I just recived in the mail, looking for some help and understanding of what to do about my situation. The first lady I talked to was very nice but she said she was going to transfer me Holly.
Holly turned out to be a Very Rude man that wouldn't let me explain what was going on.
After spending all afternoon googling and calling in circles, almost in tears I am asking him what to do about not having the proper paperwork and all he can tell me is that if they have no records all he can say is thank you. So i hung up.
Only for him to call me right back and ask, " Is this what you do all day? Call around to lawyers offices and hang up on them?" I replied with, "Im sorry, I just thought you were being very rude when all I'm trying to do is get some help." He cut me off with, " No you know what is rude? This is rude!" and hung up on me. I have never been so upset.
Hope he has a better day.
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Nancy Hoo

Mr. Gould and his staff could NOT have been any less helpful. I couldn't get anyone to call me back or email me regarding my divorce/custody case. One star is one too many, don't waste your time or money here. Any other law office, anywhere would be a better choice. My divorce has been final for a year, thanks to my ex-husbands attorney and I was not ever notified nor did I ever receive any documentation of it, even when I called/emailed the office multiple times requesting the paperwork. They'll gladly take your money though.
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Lenora Sparks

He is a ruthless lawyer but he doesn't like you he will take your money and half ass the case. He didn't even appear for my last custody hearing and i lost my kids. Now i have to hire another lawyer and a private detective to find my kids. I suggest you look harder for a lawyer.
Review Left On 02/26/2015
Nid 66

Well, I can certainly say that I am 100% satisfied with the services I received from Gould Law Firm! From my first visit down to my very last, the office staff and attorneys were friendly and very personable while remaining professional & ethical. Paul answered all my question and never once led me down the wrong path, he & his office were always very accommodating and welcoming to any & all my questions. I would definitely recommend them - - my case was a civil case (employment contract). They are wonderful people and a pleasure to work with!!! Thank you so much!
Review Left On 02/26/2014
Mike Ock

this guy is the rudest most unprofessional attorney EVER! i called him to see if he could take on some dwi cases and he said he wasn't interested and hung up on me so i call back and try to explain that im not selling anything i told him i didnt want to charge him for the cases im not a salesman i was just trying to get him to hear me say call these people who are looking for an attorney but he told me to jump in a lake? needless to say i found a REAL attorney explained that some people came to me asking for help and asked if he could help them and he did just that and he got 5 new clients .....i would not send my worst enemy to this pompous rude littleman

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