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Review Left On 02/26/2017
Dallas Stevens

Stephen Hamilton made our world a better place with his expertise in a DWI case. I am so grateful he helped our family.I would highly recommend his years of experience along with his great staff to anyone found in a criminal or DWI case. He keeps you informed and leads you through the entire process so that you know what's going on at all times. We will always turn to Stephen Hamilton for our legal representation.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Jamie Balagia

Stephen Hamilton is a fantastic DWI attorney and my good friend. Stephen and I have spent many hours exchanging ideas and strategizing about DWI trial presentations in order to get our clients those two sweet words - NOT GUILTY. Stephen is all about attention to details, knowing the science, and outworking the prosecution. Even though my office does take cases in Corpus Christi I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen Hamilton for a DWI case in the bay area. Tell Stephen "the Dude" sent you his way.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Jonathan Fisher

This law firm is excellent. They are a true asset to the Texas legal community. I highly recommend both their fine attorneys and outstanding staff.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Ches Crosbie

Stephen Hamilton is a tower of strength in whatever field he chooses, and he has chosen to devote his great energies to the defence of DWI clients in Texas. A great lawyer is but a tinkling cymbal unless he has clients to serve, and to ensure that deserving clients and Stephen's ability to wring victory out of defeat have a meeting based on realism and justified hope, Stephen has embarked on a superb marketing initiative to give high quality information to consumers. His high quality marketing is intended to empower consumers to make intelligent choices about their needs, and to take their fate into their own hands. Clients with a DWI hanging over them who don't hire Stephen have only themselves to blame!
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Catherine Crosbie

If you need a DWI attorney in Corpus Christi, I highly recommend Stephen Hamilton. I have seen first hand the results of his hard work and his skill and dedication are second to none.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Jay Freeman

The ABSOLUTE! best in their field. You can't go wrong in hiring Steve and his firm to represent you.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Bob Keefer

I have nothing but respect and admiration for these folks and the high standards they set for themselves. Most people do not realize all the work, study and money a lawyer must spend to master DUI representation. The lawyers at this firm have put in that work, study and money to be very, very good at what they do. I strongly recommend that you call Hamilton, Hull & Rogers when you, your friend or family member gets charged with DUI.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Robert Guest

Stephen is one of the best DWI lawyers I know. He also has an amazing staff and the ability to get great results in the toughest of cases. If you are arrested for a DWI call Stephen. If he can't beat your case, no one can.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Colin Williams

Steve is an amazing attorney who got me a not guilty on a DWI case. I would highly recommended him to anybody in a position of needing an attorney. He knows every in and out of the law and will find a way to help you out or do everything he possibly can. He is a calm, laid back person who is confident in any situation you bring to him and is a beast in the courtroom. Just always be completely honest with him and he will make it happen. He loves his job and is very compassionate as a person. Most attorneys see you as a job whereas he sees you on a personal level and treats you like family and like he genuinely cares. He will make you feel more at ease and like nothing is too big of a task for him. He is not only a great attorney but also a great family man and father. If I was ever in a situation like that again I would have no question about who to call. Also, he will be honest about what he sees for your potential outcome. There's nothing I didn't like about my experience with mr Hamilton and have referred my best friends to him since.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Glen Neeley

I have known Stephen Hamilton for over 20 years. He is a dedicated and hardworking lawyer that I trust. I have known him to take his cases to trial and he shows no fear. He wins his cases, he fights for his clients, and gets the best possible outcomes for his clients. If I were in trouble in Texas, Stephen Hamilton is the the lawyer I would call.
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Deandra Grant

Great firm! You're in good hands!

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