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Criminal justice attorney in Corpus Christi, TX
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Review Left On 02/26/2020
William Shelley

Fantastic attorney specializing in criminal defense
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Luis Garza

Always a wonderful experience.
Review Left On 02/05/2020
Amver divergent

Forget sugar coating this. Of your appointed by him in a major case you screwed might as well defend your self he is a sub sided attorney mainly meaning hes friends with the side trying to convict you.he even has asked the judge to convict some of his own clients in cases .i can go on and on .
Review Left On 07/26/2019
Carlos Perez

Im very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Mr. Hoelscher handled it very well although he didn’t promise anything gave me outstanding results. I recommend & will Call him if im ever in a bind again.
Review Left On 06/26/2019
Chris Swearingen

When he finally gets around to returning your calls he will tell you whatever it is you want to hear. Do not expect results.

Reply: My girlfriend spoke with you about my case.
Review Left On 06/26/2019
Jessica Courtright

You should be ashamed of yourself. Telling me you charge $1800 to revoke a bond. I am so glad you took 4 business days to call me back and told me we would speak at 11am today. While I waited (his office is now closed so thank you for making me wait 6 hours for nothing) I called other lawyers who told me that I could file the motion myself. Then I find out from the district attorneys office that the reason I wanted to revoke it was not enough. Do not trust this man. Update* Still waiting for you to return my call sir. I didn't realize that Google was the only way to keep in touch with you.
Review Left On 06/26/2019
tristan lopez

Working with Kyle I could tell he was very passionate about his job and helping the people he's assigned. He was able to handle my unique case and was successful in getting me a pretrial diversion even though I live out of state. Kyle is very familiar with the law and how the justice system can be cruel at times, so he will do his best to take your side and help you get the best deal possible.
Review Left On 03/26/2019
Light Weight

Called about 5 or 6 lawyers when I was looking for the best representation in criminal defense, and Mr. Hoelscher was the only attorney who explained everything in precise detail. I was not even his client at the time but he still explained Everything on my alleged charges, answered all my phone calls and questions. He even educated me on other similar subjects I was not aware of. I’m very thankful I hired him as my outcome was a relief. Not only is he extremely intelligent and helpful his fees are very fair for the service/representation you receive. You never know when you might need a criminal defense attorney and Mr. Hoelscher is your lawyer without a doubt.

Respectfully submitted,
Review Left On 02/26/2018
Kyle Doobert

His friends must make up the good reviews. He can talk the talk to get you to pay him. He can't walk the walk and takes forever to accomplish anything. Poor communication
Review Left On 02/26/2018
Kira Rosales

He is an amazing Lawyer and reasonable rates, very helpful and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Review Left On 02/26/2013
Rene Almeida

First of all my case never went to trial. But I will say this. . . Mr. Kyle Hoelscher is an attorney who is extremely smart, intelligent and well educated in his field of expertise. Mr. Hoelsher is very meticulous and passionate when it comes to civil rights. He is very easy to talk to, has excellent communication skills and conducts himself in a professional business manner. I am confident and with out a doubt, trust that Mr. Kyle Hoelscher will aggressively fight to defend his clients. I strongly recommend him as an Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rene Almeida

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