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Review Left On 02/25/2020
Ray & Marriss

I agree, totally pathetic! Always late or no show,never prepared and loves to waste time, . A marriage with no kids, over 2 years to finalize a SIMPLE divorce. Run- many smart and dedicated lawyers out there.


Almost 3yrs, now. Ridiculous
Review Left On 02/25/2020
Tony Arispe

Not good lawyer, two faces and hipocrite person.Late and always has more important cases than the one at ‚úč, Works with judge rather than client, LoL
Review Left On 02/25/2020
M Vela

This "attorney" LOST case against my sister in law whom represented HERSELF. What more should I tell you. DON'T HIRE HER. YOU ARE BETTER OFF REPRESENTING YOURSELF. Unless you want to feel as if you are in a comedy show; well then....go for it!
Review Left On 06/25/2019
Raul Arredondo

She is an awesome lawyer!
Review Left On 02/25/2018
Mindy Pal

From day one Fela has treated us like family. She came highly recommended from a state rep. She took on my first case and got me exactly what I was asking for. She has always gone above and beyond for my family and I. Having her come into our lives is true blessing and I could not be more grateful. She fights for what's right and has good morals which is hard to find in attorneys at times. Would highly recommend her! Her office staff is awesome as well. Mario and Sonya are so helpful with everything.
Review Left On 02/25/2018
Lil Meow Meow

Truly I do not understand how people are so easily enticed by satin to speak evil against greatness. Fela OlIvarez is a highly qualified Attorney whom is always prepared and witty when it comes to her cases. Mrs. Olivares is a servant of God and takes honor and pride in her practice. FELA IS NOT A LAUGHING STOCK OF ANYONE ANYWHERE. FELA IS A WELL ROUNDED, AND ACKNOWLEDGED BY OTHER ATTORNEYS AS A SUCCESSFUL PRACTITIONER AT LAW!!!!
Review Left On 02/25/2018
Emily Luna

May the joy of the Lord fill the hearts of all the evil people who hate Fela. I met her through my aunt and she has done nothing but win, win, win, win, win every time she is scheduled to appear in court. She has been more than just an attorney. Her passion for her job creates a connection of empathy with her clients that drives her cases to success. For all those who need legal help I highly recommend not just an attorney but a friend FELA OLIVAREZ!
Review Left On 02/25/2018
Marco Cantu

8 years of knowing Mrs. Olivarez and having her as my lawyer and have not regretted a moment on my decision to have her represent me. She's done so much for me and my family. Has also helped my sister tremendously. I can't put into words how much I appreciate the help and effort she's put in my case. She treats clients like if they were her own family. I would NEVER EVER change Mrs. Olivarez for any other lawyer to represent me at any court. Her religious texts sent to me during times of struggle always let's me know that she won't leave me alone and in my eyes she's a guardian angel fighting my battles in court. And she will NOT stop till she gets you your VICTORY!!
Review Left On 02/25/2018
Mayra Cantu

I've known Mrs. Olivarez for 3 years now and I don't understand why someone would say she's the laughing stock at court. She's very well respected at court as I've seen myself. She's always handled my husbands case as if she were fighting a personal case of hers. Not to mention she has the sweetest assistant Sonia that always answers our questions. We've never had a problem with Mrs. Olivarez nor her staff keeping us up to date. Lastly, I can tell you she's always one step ahead of any lawyer or lawyers.
Review Left On 02/25/2018
rene estrada

when my son was 1 year old the court gave me fela as my atty at law she was a very powerful atty back in the 90s,right now i dont know but i plan to hire her as my atty once more time hope this year.so if she does great in my case i will continue to hire her if i need her again.
Review Left On 02/25/2018

a laughing stock in court. the judge constantly has to remind her to act like an adult. ALWAYS late to court and unprepared. Forgets names and important dates and makes her clients look like absolute fools. Would not recommend.
Review Left On 02/25/2018
Cyndi Pena

You are better off representing yourself. Disorganized, won't return calls, sent the wrong final order to the judge, overcharged, completely unprepared at trial.
Review Left On 02/25/2017
Analee Platas

Worst attorney to ever go to. She's rude, she's a procrastinator and always gives you the run around. Let's not mention she over charges. She is person who has been in trouble with the law herself, I wouldn't recommend her.

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