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Law Office Of Brenda Anderson PC
Law Office Of Brenda Anderson PC Reviews

Review: Great professional staff and Brenda was very friendly and fair. I paid the retainer and she answered all my questions. It turned out she could not help me so she refunded all the money minus the consultation fee I believe.

I've been ripped off by other lawyers and had to involve the bar association to try and get any of my money back in Georgia. It was very refreshing to deal with an honest Attorney. Read More

Affordable DWI Lawyer
Affordable DWI Lawyer Reviews

Review: they stand by their word and are careful to not mislead you in the process. anyone experiencing an unfortunate situation would be wise to contact this firm. i wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. Read More

Law Offices of Jerry Trevino
Law Offices of Jerry Trevino Reviews

Review: Thus guy is a 3rd world HACK! Read More

Guerra Law Firm PC
Guerra Law Firm PC Reviews

Review: Waste of time. 20minutes on phone asking for information. To tell me he’s not in town. Read More

The Sanchez Law Firm
The Sanchez Law Firm Reviews

Review: I hired the sanchez law firm after receiving a 45 in a 30 speeding ticket and since I have a cdl that wasnt going to be easy to explain mr sanchez came in confident and got me completely off after I was caught absolutely red handed on camera ....there isn't a doubt in my mind this guy is the absolute best at what he does Read More

PLLC - Ashley Pall, The Pall Law Firm
PLLC - Ashley Pall, The Pall Law Firm Reviews

Review: She’s a lawyer, but she have a heart! Read More

PLLC, Juan Ramos Law Group
PLLC, Juan Ramos Law Group Reviews

Review: I have a class b misdemeanor for theft. It is my first offence ever and so far he's kept his word and getting it off my record. Read More

PLLC, Law Office of Robert D. Puente
PLLC, Law Office of Robert D. Puente Reviews

Review: (Translated by Google) Lousy service never resolved anything and only charged me despite having paid in time and form never mobilized my case and on the contrary there were only many mistakes by the lawyer now that I want my money back does not want to return it to me. It made me lose a year of my life and solved absolutely nothing

Pésimo servicio jamás me resolvió nada y solamente me cobró a pesar de haberle pagado en tiempo y forma nunca movilizó mi caso y al contrario sol... Read More

Law Offices of Frank Enriquez
Law Offices of Frank Enriquez Reviews

Review: Excellent law firm, does great work with real estate law and civil litigation. Firm has taken cases of multiple jurisdiction levels both state and federal including: United States Supreme Court, Supreme Court of Texas and local District Courts. Firm has excellent record of results with 40 years of practice. Read More

Gonzalez and Associates P.C
Gonzalez and Associates P.C Reviews

Review: Very informed caring staff not a typical cold environment for a law firm very understanding and very compassionate dealings with those who enter their establishment I highly recommend this place these attorneys to anyone in need of legal advice or service and or service please do consider them for any legal problems you may have Read More

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