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Personal injury attorney in Corpus Christi, TX
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Review Left On 02/26/2020
Jessica Francis

Great service all around. Very happy with the level of communication with the law firm staff. Yvonne Toureilles & her team were quick to address any questions/concerns I had. At one point, Mr. Alex Hernandez, Jr. stepped in when my attorney had a conflict & he was read in on my case prior to and was able to do his job efficiently. I will recommend this firm to anyone as they have served me well!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
angel m

I had a motion to revoke probation from calhoun county, contacted thos lawfirm and it was the best thing i coulve done. I talked to other lawfirms in the area and eveyone would just tell me to turn myself in and wait for a hearing. Melba Savoy made it different she helped me get the case dismissed with out even having to go to court, she did an amazing job thought the case would always get a call back or email. Thanks to the team and Melba!
Review Left On 02/26/2020

Joe Navarro assisted me directly. Joe was outstanding and knowledgeable. He was in constant communication with me and guided me through a very difficult time. I would highly recommend the law office of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. LLC.
Review Left On 02/26/2020

Thanks alot Roxy for going above and beyond for me after my accident !I will definitely call you all again and recommend this law firm to everybody!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Elizabeth Gainer

Everyone is so nice and was always on top of my case! would recommend them to everyone!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Hyped_Too_Much 123

Thank you Mr Joe Navarro from the Corpus Christi office area. My husband and I were at the end with this lady on the deed for our property. But you sir got the job done. Again thank you so much Mr Navarro on your work.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
John Ybarbo

Alex is an amazing Lawyer I recommend him to anyone looking for a good lawyer.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Jason Holmes

My company had a complex legal issue involving a much larger organization. We were being sued by a large, metro firm with endless resources. No matter. Alex was more than up to the challenge. We resolved the dispute on VERY favorable terms for our organization. Thanks to Alex Hernandez and the Hernandez trial attorneys.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Gearry Russell

My company had never been sued before as I am located in another state. I spoke to many attorneys before selecting Alex Hernandez. I selected his firm as he listened to my problem as a caring person, he reassured me the suing party had no case or merit. He filed the appropriate paperwork and after a hearing with the judge got the case dismissed. I never had to appear as he took care of everything in a professional manner. I recommend his firm to anyone looking for legal representation.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Brenda Dotson

Roxy & Jose are nothing short of amazing! They have been working with me for over a year and they’ve always called and kept me updated with what was going on with my case. When my case did close Roxy went out of her way to accommodate me. Thank you guys so much for your professionalism!!!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Gene Aguirre

Roxy was great! She made this process very hassle free and painless. I will definitely call them if I’m ever in need again. Thank you very much!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Jennifer Ramos

Very helpful. They went above and beyond expectations!!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Tia Feher

Alex and his staff helped me settle a suit with a salon. I acquired a staph infection that could have cost me two of my fingers. Alex took my case seriously and helped me receive the compensation I deserved. I would absolutely hire Alex again.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Justin Peterson

The firm was very quick to get me a consultation, and are straight forward with you so you can be informed of nothing but facts and the law
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Andre Dantzler

Mr. Alex Hernandez Jr. represented me in my case and did a great job of defending my innocence. Throughout several years of waiting for trail Mr. Hernandez Jr. was there for me every step of the way. He more than just a Lawyer, he is a great and generous person. I will advise anyone who is seeking justice to choose Mr. Hernandez Jr. firm for representation you will not be disappointed. Mr. Alex Hernandez Jr. my family and I thank you for your service.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Carolyn Black

Alex fought for me 100% of the time. Never gave up and we won our case!!! He’s the best!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Mark Garza

Thank you Joe for making this a smooth transition from another local Lawyers mess!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Jason English

Melba is amazing - you are lucky to have such a thorough and organized employee. She does a great job in getting things done!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Santana Maldonado

Joe Navarro was awesome to work with. Made process smooth and easy. Highly recommend
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Lucy Diosdado

First & foremost we would like to give a big thanks to Alex Hernandez & Joe Navarro, and to God for putting them in our life in these tough past few months. My parents were put in a predicament that I hope no one has to go through, but if you do I highly recommend Alex & his team. Not only were they professional, and knowledgeable, but were always able to put us at ease throughout the entire process. Most importantly they were always upfront, and honest. They always gave us our options on how to move foward, and also the possible outcomes. They were always 100% behind us regardless of how we chose to move foward. Thank y'all for always being attentive! & especially Joe Navarro for listening to me when I'd vent from time to time... LOL ( THANKS JOE! You are greatly appreciated) One major thing I'd like to mention is that in our case it was never about the money. They actually suggested an option that concluded in my parents not having to spend anymore more of their money in court or towards Alex. Which to me was exceptional! What lawyer isn't trying to get paid, right? & for that we will forever be grateful. Seeing my parents smile again, and be stress free is all a daughter can ask for! Please have confidence in Alex & his team! but always remember to put everything in God's hands first. Thanks again Alex Hernandez & Joe Navarro!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Joe Blanco

My experience with The Alex R. Hernandez law firm was exceptionally helpful. The staff was very knowledgeable and professional as they made it very easy to get the service I was needing. I will definitely refer this firm to my clients, family and friends for excellent legal work. They hold a ***** rating in my book.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Daniel Torres

If you or someone you know needs legal representation you can rely on the experience and dedication of the law office's of Alex R. Hernandez Jr. Alex R.Hernandez Jr. "Always keeping you in mind"
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Jonathan Beaullieu

Alex is just a top notch guy all around. He does great work for his clients day in and day out and I highly recommend his services should you ever need them. Keep up the great work Alex!
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Thomas Meinhausen

Alex is a no-nonsense kind of attorney, if you ask a question, don't do be offended if you don't like the answer, he's just going to tell you how it is.

He told me how it was going to be with a case I hired him for, the cost to receive Justice was 10% of the reward that would follow. It was a contractual dispute over over lack of performance by the contractor.

At the end of the day, if you want Justice, Professionalism and Competency... Alex Hernandez is the attorney you want on your side.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Martin Deleon

Great Lawyer and very acknowledge with all Court proceedings
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Ariana Moncada

Hes a smooth talker. Hired him and paid him in full first time we met. After a few weeks not hearing anything about the case I called the office and I always left messages because he was never available. He never returned my calls. He never did anything about the case. Do not hire this attorney. He will not do anything for you. I would give negative stars but 1 Star is the lowest I can give.
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Michelle Hughes

I had not ever been in legal trouble before, until I passed through George West, Texas. It caused severe anxiety for me and my family as I lived out of state. I am forever grateful for Mr. Hernandez as well as Erica for guiding me and representing me in such a professional manner. There kindness will not be forgotten. I would highly recommend this law office. Thanks again. :)
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Stephen Nerio

The best lawyer I could ever ask for! THANK you Mr Alex Hernandez
Review Left On 02/26/2020
Angie Phelps

Alex Hernandez helped my daughter during a really bad time after an accident, she was a passenger in.
Review Left On 02/25/2020
Veronica C

Most unprofessional law firm I’ve ever dealt with. Soon as they take your payment they forget about you. They do not advocate for you in any way shape or form. 0/10 do not recommend!
Review Left On 02/05/2020
Cory Phillips

Im trying to get this out but they are trying so hard to cover it up. Bombs over Baghdad
Review Left On 12/26/2019
Laura Mesa

Review Left On 12/26/2019
Jane Black

The Alex R. Hernandez legal team is AMAZING. They are fair, professional, and focused on your legal needs. Unlike many legal firms, this team does set profit as their top priority...they give you sound guidance and advice even if it means losing out on some $$$$. Long story short: TRUST this team. This is especially true of Marvin Faires!
Review Left On 12/26/2019
Myla Raymond

In transitioning the experience of an ever changing world, I seek professionals not only for their experience, but also their ability to understand personal situations and urgent timelines. Marvin at Hernandez law provided me with legal advise and guidance during a tough situation.I found him to be effective, responsive, knowledgable and honest.
I would highly recommend Marvin to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to seek representation from Hernandez Law again.
Review Left On 12/26/2019
Jackie Pletcher

Please ignore the previous review. I am not computer savvy and it was written inadvertently. Alex R. Hernandez Jr. PLLC has worked overtime to fix the problems we were having and have gone above and beyond to work with me and my situation. I do not know where I would be without the help I have received from the firm. They have been a godsend in our fight to keep our family together. I could not ask for a better firm to help me and my family.
Review Left On 12/26/2019
Kil Lee

Alex and his team are the best in corpus for all of your legal needs. I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for personal and business needs. They helped me obtain crucial licensing for a new business im opening. I was more than pleased with the results from start to finish!
Review Left On 11/26/2019
Linda Cantu

Mr Navarro was very professional and polite.
Review Left On 09/26/2019
Cornelio Ruiz

Great person indeed
Review Left On 07/26/2019
julie believes the facts

Alex Hernandez is a proficient, knowledgeable attorney. He's professional and works hard for his client. I would recommend him highly to any of my friends.
Review Left On 06/26/2019
Michael Escalante

Alex will get the job done and make sure everything works in your favor!! Very pleased with his services...
Review Left On 05/26/2019
Bryan Villarreal

At first this experience was overall intimidating, but after getting Alex R. Hernandez as my lawyer everything started to get less stressful. My lawyer managed to get both of my cases dropped, and gave me the guidance I needed to get through them. Thanks to him my worries went away so I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. He also managed to answer my questions when there was something I didn't understand which was much appreciated.
Review Left On 04/26/2019
Eric Garcia

GREAT firm thank you for all your help godbless
Review Left On 04/26/2019
Elizabeth Switzer

Melba and Yvonne were great! Professional and efficient. Highly recommended.
Review Left On 03/26/2019
Scott Harmon

Alex did a wonderful job representing me. Kept me well informed every step of the way. Went above and beyond and fought hard to produce the best possible outcome in my case. Highly recommended.
Review Left On 03/26/2019
Amy Smith

I was injured in a car accident for my very first time .(31years old) I was very scared didn’t know what to do but I picked up the phone and called the office of Alex Hernandez and was helped right away within minutes I had a lawyer willing to take on my case the woman who works beside him was very patient, professional, Courteous and willing to work with me I’m a very hard person to understand I repeat everything I do or say I know I got annoying at times but they never gave up on me and my case was closed they got me a lump some of money even helped get my hospital bills lowered and I received the remaining money from that!!! If I ever (god forbid) get injured again or know anyone who does I will definitely refer them to the offices of Alex Hernandez!!!
Review Left On 02/26/2018

They won't return your retainer fees!!! Worse people!
Review Left On 02/26/2018
JBS Texas

Professional and Helpful, Would Recommend
Review Left On 02/26/2018
Arthur Gonzalez

Awsome!!!! Had the most rapid and successful experience with the law firm. A true blessing!!!!!
Review Left On 02/26/2018
Virginia Sandoval

Mr Alex Hernandez explained all my options & proofed to be ver knowledgeable in finance... His an attorney that truly listens...Thanks for your guidance!
Review Left On 02/26/2017

After working with Alex Hernandez jr. I can honestly say he goes above and beyond for his clients. He truly loves what he does and it shows. Unlike many other attorneys, who will nickel and dime your settlement, he is ALWAYS more than fair. Not just him but his whole staff is top notch. You will have a hard time finding a better group of attorneys and even harder time finding a group how cares more.
Review Left On 02/26/2017
josue and emily challenges

He is one of the best lawyers out there for sure.We had talked to several lawyers and they said they couldn't help me but when we talked to Mr. Hernandez He took the case and won. THANK YOU ALEX HERNANDEZ
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Stephanie Sanchez

This man and his team worked around the clock to get my case dismissed and I couldn't be more grateful! Shout out to Marvin! Thank you
Review Left On 02/26/2017
Tom Andrews

First thing I noticed about Atty. Alex Hernandez is he actually listened to my inquiries. After pausing to evaluate my question the answer he gave was direct and straightforward. Too many times Lawyers portray an unrealistic scenario in an attempt to get your case, Not so with Mr. Hernandez you can count on him to tell it like it is and I highly recommend him
Review Left On 02/26/2016
Dominic Castillo

Working with the Law Offices of Alex Hernandez's office has been one of the best experiences I've had within the legal community. Mr. Hernandez has several lawyers who specialize in different areas of the law and are able to provide outstanding services for almost any case and situation. My family was able to utilize the firm for a case for a family member and Evelyn Gonzalez, the attorney assigned to this particular case, explained everything in great detail to my family and assured us that she would do everything possible to resolve the situation. The results were beyond anything we had expected! We have also met with Dan Japhet, who specializes in Probates, Trusts and Elder Law and his expertise and advice were absolutely invaluable to my grandparents. Alex is one of the top attorney's in Corpus Christi and his staff are some of the most professional people in the business. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have Alex in my corner for any legal and life situation.
Review Left On 02/26/2014
roxanne hernandez

Excellent attorney

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