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Affordable Defense Lawyers of San Antonio
Affordable Defense Lawyers of San Antonio Reviews

Review: I got to be free of a criminal record because of Lawyer Lopez and his passion. Read More

Trey Porter Law
Trey Porter Law Reviews

Review: An honest straight-shooting, lawyer. I worked with Mr Porter on a criminal matter that could’ve resulted in me losing my clearance. He was great and saved my career. 5 stars all the way — thank you, sir!!! Read More

The Law Office of Jonathan Perez
The Law Office of Jonathan Perez Reviews

Review: Day was a good day for me my lawyer jonathan Perz got me my life back on track and l thank so much for everything he has done my family so there someone out that legal services please contact me Perz office.he care client so call him if you need a lawyer he is the man Read More

The Law Office of Ramos & Del Cueto PLLC
The Law Office of Ramos & Del Cueto PLLC Reviews

Review: I got myself in a little pinch and these guys were able to get me out no questions asked. walked me through all the steps that it took for me to come out on the other end nice and bright. Read More

Criminal Defense Lawyer Comanche
Criminal Defense Lawyer Comanche Reviews

Review: We need more Mr. Lopez's' in San Antonio. He is a great lawyer and does his best to keep us in good records with the law. His prices are reasonable and his work is worth much more. Read More

Tim Rountree - DWI Attorney
Tim Rountree - DWI Attorney Reviews

Review: Tim Rountree was amazing. He got my DWI case completely dismissed (finally 2 years after the initial arrest - not his fault). I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a personable nice guy who takes care of business and gets the job done. His wisdom and knowledge put me at ease from the beginning and because the nature of my case, and being completely sober when I was arrested... I just knew he was the right guy to take this on. Hopefully I won’t need to ever use a lawyer again, but God forb... Read More

The JL Firm MTR Lawyers
The JL Firm MTR Lawyers Reviews

Review: Lopez saved me from going to jail. He got my case dismissed very quickly. Read More

Defense Lawyer Chuy Lopez
Defense Lawyer Chuy Lopez Reviews

Review: I called Tammy when i needed legal assistance. Tammy was very informative, honest, and straightforward as to what i should expect. I decided to hire him after i called few other attorneys. I choose Tammy because i felt comfortable with his straightforward style. I didn't want a lawyer to sugarcoat anything. I wanted to know exactly what to expect. 8 months later, long and behold: Tammy dismissed my case. I was facing a very serious charge. It carried hefty penalties, and incarceration. I just wi... Read More

The JL Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers San Antonio
The JL Firm Criminal Defense Lawyers San Antonio Reviews

Review: Jesus Lopez was the perfect lawyer for the situation I was involved in. Complete professional who did a great job and keeping me informed of what was going on but also helping me stay come through a very stressful situation. It was a long process but Jesus was there every step of the way to guide me and keep me focused on what was going on. He spoke with various different parties on my behalf and not once did I feel out of the loop. Glad to know there are attorneys out there that do care for the... Read More

The Law Offices of Brian Powers
The Law Offices of Brian Powers Reviews

Review: I had never been in trouble before so when I had the state of Texas against me I hired Mr.Brian Powers hoping for the best and that is exactly what I got. Against all odds, he managed to get my case dismissed, and in due time he will help me expunge my case off my record. I am also grateful that he put things in motion for me to be able to stay and work in Dallas where I reside without having to visit the courtroom and take time off work. I can't thank him enough and I highly recommend his law f... Read More

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